How Earned Media Boosts the Branding Effect of Paid Ads

How Earned Media Boosts the Branding Effect of Paid Ads
JUNE 28, 2011

Combination of earned and paid media boosts awareness, favorability and purchase intent

Earned media makes up a key part of many marketers' strategies, fulfilling a need for trust and information that paid advertising efforts often cannot meet. Research indicates that earned media can be more effective for certain purposes than advertising, but it's the combination of earned media with other forms of marketing that brings the strongest levels of success.
A study by Synaptic Digital and Kantar Video exposed respondents to three different forms of marketing, alone and in combination. The study looked at several major branding metrics to determine what type of marketing provided the biggest lift.
Earned media was more powerful than brand creative or paid advertising at raising brand awareness, with a lift of 23 percentage points above control. A combination of earned media with paid or with paid plus brand creative lifted awareness even further.

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