Billboard Specifications

Digital LED and Static Billboard Guidelines

Digital LED Billboards

Be Short and Sweet
Use no more than 10 words total on the entire billboard - and that includes the logo/product tagline. We recommend seven words or less for the tagline. Keep the words short for faster comprehension.

Use Bright Bold Hues
Stick with bold, primary colors like red, yellow and blue. Complimentary colors such as red and green are not legible together because they have similar value. Contrasting color combinations work best for viewing outdoor designs at far distances.

Maximize Creative Content
With the power of digital, you can use different creative's to push multiple messages during the day, afternoon or evening.

Make the text large
Outdoor designs should be simple, clear and easy to read. Digital Bulletins (14h' x 48w') can be viewed from 500 feet away. To ensure all copy is legible, we recommend all headline copy be a minimum of 3' to 4' tall and all remaining copy to be 18" tall.

Use Bold (Non-serif fonts)
Always use large, legible typefaces. At 500 feet, thin lines optically fade or breakup and very heavy fonts blur together. Avoid decorative, italic or serif fonts. As a general rule, upper and lower case sans serif fonts provide the best readability. When designing for digital outdoor, we highly recommend adding a thin dark stroke around the text to separate it from the back ground, therefore making it more readable.

LED questions? Ask our info department!

Static Billboards



Static Questions? Ask our info department!

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